Originals Studio

The OnChain Media+Entertainment Studios produce, package, distribute, and market meaningful and entertaining original premium IP for our own library, and for organizations and brands we respect. We create multimedia storytelling, products and services for, and with the most creative brands and people in the world.

The core team and far-reaching strong relationships include award-winning producers, directors, writers, editors, artists, and creative technologists that for years have been creating editorial and brand stories reaching audiences around the globe.

Through its owned Multimedia Network, Community, Magazine, Talent Roster, Studios and third-party distribution platforms, OCM+E deploys its editorial, branded, and brand integrated storytelling all with the same rigor, confidence, skill, and passion.

Using blockchain and smart contract technologies, OCM+E Originals Studios are experts at building value and monetizing editorial and branded content for its talent and brand partners via first to market and derivatives of existing IP.

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