Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Julia Child by photographer David Binder

Photography Show “Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Julia Child” by David Binder Premieres for Sale in the OnChain Media+Entertainment Originals Studio Store

OnChain Media+Entertainment premieres award-winning fine art photographer, filmmaker, and photojournalist David Binder’s images of three iconic women as part of their “Women of Authenticity” series available as physical prints and digital images

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, USA, October 12, 2022 — OnChain Media+Entertainment is honored to announce another photography show in its continuing “Women of Authenticity” series featuring award-winning fine art photographer, filmmaker, and photojournalist David Binder’s images of three iconic women: Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis & Julia Child. Binder made the images over the span of years and all are located in Boston, MA. David Binder’s signature style and approach are recognizable as his keen artistic ability to capture a moment (from his years as a professional photojournalist) combined with his award-winning documentary filmmaking career, result in visual storytelling that is emotional and is in demand by fine art photography collectors around the world.

The media and entertainment company’s OnChain Magazine featured the curated images of in the editorial interview feature that editor-in-chief and executive producer Ceslie Armstrong conducted with David Binder that as of today are for sale with one click. The physical and digital images can be accessed and purchased in the editorial feature, the photographer’s channel on the company’s Network, and, via the Originals Studio talent profiles using major credit cards, USDC, cryptocurrencies, and bank wire.

Jackie Onassis beams with pride at her son, John, as he is introduced at the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Awards at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in 1991. | Photography by David Binder

“Our photography shows are very much like visiting a fine art photography gallery anywhere in the world but available online in our OnChain Store. The game-changer is that we use blockchain technologies including smart contracts so the photographer not only benefits from the primary sale, but also receives royalties from the secondary market sales in perpetuity, and their work is for sale to a global audience,” said OnChain Media+Entertainment founder Ceslie Armstrong.

“Jackie just turns and shows this loving look to her son. I love that photograph. She comes out as a proud mother at that moment,” said photographer David Binder about his image of the former first lady of the United States Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis beaming with pride as her son John Kennedy Jr. is introduced along with Caroline Kennedy at the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Awards at the Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, MA in 1991.

“People are starved and hungry for photographs and stories. The challenge American newspapers are experiencing has been sad for me. People are hungry to connect more now than ever and this surge in people purchasing images globally on blockchains as NFTs just reminds us of it. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage with photographs, engage with the community, and engage with other photographers around the stories of the photographs. I’m very excited about what’s happening now, and the future,” said photographer David Binder.


David Binder

“The process of bringing David Binder’s show featuring his never before published or available for sale images of these three iconic women has been a great privilege and joy. Speaking for everyone at OnChain Media+Entertainment, we are so proud to be the custodian of such important works of photography to bring them to eco-friendly blockchains so that people around the globe have the chance to collect these works,” continued OnChain Media+Entertainment founder Ceslie Armstrong, “Using smart contracts for the super easy purchase using credit cards, major cryptocurrencies, or the one-to-one US dollar digital token USDC, people can purchase physical and digital works on our eCommerce store; be assured of the work’s provenance; that the creator of the work is compensated fairly on the secondary market; and, that they have purchased a collectable to enjoy or resell as they choose.”

Mary Moore
OnChain Media+Entertainment, Newsroom


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