It also supports modern programming concepts like extension functions, higher-order functions, and lambdas. It has both object-oriented and functional constructs and is usable for any kind of development. That includes server-side, client-side web, Android, and iOS. It’s also supported by all major Java integrated development environments , including IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Eclipse, and NetBeans. Support like that helps increase developers’ productivity.

  • With its rise in the programming space, Kotlin is bound to stick around and become the future programming language for big projects.
  • Since the release of Android Studio 3.0 in October 2017, Kotlin has been included as an alternative to the standard Java compiler.
  • You’ve laid the groundwork on the client and have a clean API to access the data provided by the server.
  • In the template project, the adjustments to the Gradle file have already been made.
  • The framework supports Kotlin coroutines — concurrency design patterns that simplify asynchronously executed code, preventing long-running tasks from making app unresponsive.
  • KMongo is a community-created Kotlin framework that makes it easy to work with MongoDB from Kotlin/JVM code.
  • Introduced by JetBrains in the 2010s, Kotlin is an open-source general-purpose programming language.

You can receive objects directly from requests and respond to requests with objects directly. Because you’ve set up ContentNegotiation with json() support earlier, the objects marked as @Serializable are automatically turned into JSON before being sent or received . The serialization plugin provides multiplatform conversions between Kotlin objects and their JSON text representation.

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The latter one is a container that all of the book cards will be added to. Show a loading indicator while the app is fetching the book data from the server. Add the following line of code to the Main.kt file, outside of the main() function. You can even use Kotlin on the front-end, replacing JavaScript as a web language.

kotlin for web development

Android, JVM, and browser libraries can be used for Kotlin development. Get all the quality content you’ll ever need to stay ahead with a Packt subscription – access over 7,500 online books and videos on everything in tech. Finally, you can take a look at how to call a JavaScript function from Kotlin as if it was a static method. Add a click event listener to the button element, which will navigate to the book’s URL if the button is clicked.

Kotlin: Mobile app development made faster and safer

Like all Kotlin projects targeting more than one platform, your project uses the Kotlin Multiplatform Gradle plugin. It provides a single point of configuration for the application targets (in this case, Kotlin/JVM and Kotlin/JS) and exposes several lifecycle tasks for them. The user can also specify a priority level for list entries by adding an exclamation point !.

kotlin for web development

Whether you’re currently pursuing a degree in computer science, an aspiring self-taught developer, or a coding boot camp student, mastering the craft of programming is a perpetual struggle. Quality over quantity—you’ll be able to write less code all while improving readability. Data scientists use scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insight.

Definition of Kotlin Web Framework

You can imagine Kotlin’s popularity by considering that more than 60 percent of top-grossing apps and 71 percent of newly launched apps are based on Kotlin. Most Android developers prefer Kotlin as it resolves a lot of issues with Java coding. Due to its perfect sync with Java, a lot of Android developers use how to hire a kotlin developer Kotlin to rewrite applications. Vaadin on kotlin is an application framework that includes everything needed to create a backed database for web applications. Vaadin on kotlin is not enforcing us to use the MVC; by default, it will not use spring. Vaadin Flow is an open-source web framework for JVM backends.

To use the latter from Kotlin code, you can either provide your own typesafe wrappers, use community-maintained wrappers, or let Dukat generate Kotlin declarations for you. Kotlin-wrappers also provides support for a select number of adjacent technologies, like react-redux, react-router, and styled-components. Interoperability with the JavaScript ecosystem means that you can also use third-party React components and component libraries. Micronaut is a modern JVM-based full-stack framework for building modular, easily testable microservices and serverless applications.

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To learn more about React with Kotlin/JS, see the Build a web application with React and Kotlin/JS tutorial. Load the shopping list elements from the server and set the state accordingly. In this configuration, the JsonFeature uses kotlinx.serialization to provide a way to create typesafe HTTP requests. It takes care of automatically converting between Kotlin objects and their JSON representation and vice versa. Subsequent builds with this run configuration will perform all available optimizations for the frontend part of the application, including eliminating dead code.

Being 100% compatible with the JVM, you can use Kotlin for server-side development. Write expressive yet concise code while maintaining full compatibility with Java. Our team of world-class developers is well versed in today’s modern technologies. Working with Nomadic Soft means operating with a professional team that will deliver stand-out products quickly and always on budget. Ktor simplifies and streamlines the login and authentication process.

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Thanks to Kotlin Multiplatform, you can define the data model once as a common abstraction and refer to it from both the backend and frontend. For detailed information on source sets, see Understand Multiplatform project structure. Kotlin source sets are a collection of Kotlin sources and their resources, dependencies, and language settings that belong to one or more targets. You use them to set up platform-specific and common dependency blocks.