response of a cost to the change in business activity

When it is depreciated to zero dollars, it is fully expensed. More specifically, business process monitoring is the measurement and analysis of process performance. These activities help organizations oversee their existing processes to ensure they are operating smoothly and producing the intended outcomes. They also identify areas for improvement and help organizations implement changes to create better processes. A business process, as previously stated, is a series of related tasks that result in a desired output; it is an established set of repeatable activities.

What is the meaning of cost of response?

Response cost is a procedure in which an individual loses a specified amount of a previously earned reinforcer contingent upon a behavior targeted for reduction.

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service company and does not have any inventory and therefore no inventoriable costs. An example of a fixed cost is the depreciation and insurance on the bakery facility and equipment. Regardless of the quantity of artisan breads produced in a month, the total amount of depreciation and insurance cost for the month will remain the same. The Ocean Breeze is located in a resort area where the county assesses an occupancy tax that has both a fixed and a variable component.

What Are Fixed Costs?

Gummy Land buys

just enough materials each month to make the jaw-breakers it needs to sell. At this volume of materials

purchased, it will get a 10% discount on price. Rent and other fixed manufacturing overhead

costs will remain the same. Cost behavior analysis refers to management’s attempt to understand how operating costs change in relation to a change in an organization’s level of activity.

  • Lines are plotted on the graph showing revenue

    and total costs at different sales volumes.

  • They are essential to calculating a company’s break-even point, making pricing decisions, and predicting future profits.
  • Some of these costs will be fixed, while others will be variable.
  • With a variable cost, the per unit cost stays the same, but the more units produced or sold, the higher the total cost.

These costs may include direct materials, direct labor, and overhead costs that are incurred from developing a product. Management typically performs cost behavior analysis through mathematical cost functions. It takes more than materials for Carolina Yachts to build a boat.

Cost Accounting

The higher the investment in these areas, the greater the fixed expenses incurred. This data can also be used to calculate future fixed costs, which is helpful for financial projections. If you know your fixed costs will be close to the same year after year, you can project what they will be in five or ten years. When you do this, you must also account for more complex factors such as asset depreciation. Direct costs related to service provider salaries are considered to be direct costs of

the service, not overhead costs “4” is incorrect.

Therefore, effectively understanding and managing fixed costs is crucial to maintaining a healthy cash flow and achieving profitability. It is also essential when setting prices for products or services. Fixed costs must be factored in to ensure pricing is set appropriately to cover all expenses and generate a profit. Where Y is the total mixed cost, a is the fixed cost, b is the variable cost per unit, and x is the level of activity. These changes in variable costs per unit could be caused by circumstances beyond their control, such as a shortage of raw materials or an increase in shipping costs due to high gas prices.


It is important to remember that period costs are treated as expenses in the period in which they occur. In other words, they follow the rules of accrual accounting practice by recognizing the cost (expense) in the period in which they occur regardless of when the cash changes hands. For example, Bert pays his business insurance in January of each year. Bert’s annual insurance premium is $10,800, which is $900 per month.

Three commonly used methods to divided a mixed or semi-variable cost into its fixed and variable components are high-low point method, scatter graph method and least squares regression method. All these methods have been explained and exemplified in next pages of this chapter. Technology allows small businesses to reach new economic markets.

Cost Behavior Analysis


second step includes the forming of each tire where the materials are layered to form the tire. The final step is finishing, which is an entirely manual

process. The finishing department includes curing and quality control. I. The cost of the direct materials in Applewhite’s products is considered a variable cost.

response of a cost to the change in business activity

Committed fixed costs are fixed costs that typically cannot be eliminated if the company is going to continue to function. An example would be the lease of factory equipment for a production company. Tony operates a screen-printing company, specializing in custom T-shirts. Regardless of whether he produces and sells any T-shirts, he is obligated under his lease to pay $1,000 per month.

Why Is It Essential To Differentiate Between Fixed and Variable Costs?

However, many companies often examine the relationship between multiple independent variables and a single dependent variable. The statement of financial position, income statement and statement of cash flows are used for financial accounting but not for management accounting. Cost center is a section of the business to which costs are charged. Examine the pros, cons, and principles of cost accounting systems and view cost accounting examples.

What are costs of response?

Response Costs means all costs, including, but not limited to, direct and indirect costs, that the United States incurs in monitoring and supervising Respondents' performance of the Work to determine whether such performance is consistent with the requirements of this Order, including costs incurred in reviewing …