On Windows, you can choose between restoring files to their original location or choosing a new location manually. On Mac, no matter where you restore, the file or folders always start in a folder with the name of your backup, which means you’ll have to manually move them around to the correct locations. On both operating systems, the restore tab also includes Snapshots, where you can look through historical versions of your backups and right-click any file to download older versions. Arq Premium also allows for a similar restore experience, though unlike IDrive it includes the ability to restore files to their original location for both Windows and Macs. IDrive has an optional continuous-backup feature that you can set to run all the time or in timed increments , though it restricts continuous backup to files under 500 MB. We like the control offered here better than Backblaze’s less structured timing, but both services end up being a little confusing in this regard.

However, the servers are located in Norway, which has some of the strictest digital privacy laws in the world. The plans run from $2.99 per month for 100GB of storage for one computer and three mobile devices to $12.99 per month for 1TB of space for five computers and 15 mobile devices. This adds up to a pretty expensive service when compared to others on this list, especially because none of the plans include unlimited storage or devices. PCloud ranks highly on our best cloud storage list, coming in at second place just behind Sync.com. For backup, it also performs excellently, though it doesn’t have quite the range of features to get it into the top three. That said, it still performs the task of a basic backup very well, and it’s exceptionally easy to set up and use.

Best Cloud Backup Services 2023: Free & Cheap Backup Storage

If you aren’t sure where to start, or if you find problems, Backblaze has well-organized online documentation that covers many issues you may encounter, as well as guides for how to use the service. The company doesn’t provide phone support, but it does have live chat and email support, and we received responses to our questions within three hours during normal business hours. IDrive had a similar response time via email and also offers phone support, while Arq Premium offers support only over email and doesn’t have searchable documentation. Backblaze is cheaper than IDrive if you’re backing up one computer, and it’s the least expensive backup service with unlimited storage. There’s no file syncing, no clever collaboration tools, only the simplest of file sharing options. But smart system integration and simple apps make it easy to set up Backblaze, and the minimal web interface provides basic tools for browsing your files and restoring whatever you need.

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Sherweb’s brand evolution reinforces focus on Managed Service ….

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A business can back up some or all server files, depending on its preference. Cloud-to-cloud backup services, also known as C2C backup services, allow you to create backup cloud backup services copies from one cloud environment to another. With these services, you will be able to copy data that already exists in your SaaS applications or IaaS deployments.

Limitations of cloud-to-cloud backup

By submitting, you are agreeing to receive information about Veeam products and events and to have your personal information managed in accordance with the terms of Veeam’s Privacy Notice. Please make sure you describe your environment — how many servers or VMs you have, hypervisor of choice, etc. Discover the importance of employing purpose-built backup and recovery for each of your environments. Air-gapped, immutable backups to protect from cyberthreats. Secure backup and recovery for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. Together with our content partners, we have authored in-depth guides on several other topics that can also be useful as you explore the world of data security.

  • BigMIND is expensive, but nonetheless a decent online backup solution.
  • All you need to do is go through an initial setup process, and you’ll be able to get at your organization’s data from any internet-capable device.
  • The mere fact that these questions cause many to feel some type of anxiety is a sign that data is a component of the business nobody should mess around with at any time or for any reason.
  • This does not mean it should be moved to a storage room or a garage, instead, it needs to be stored in the Cloud.
  • The software’s performance also contributed to our positive impression of it.
  • Should your device and files be incapacitated by malware, a cloud backup helps restore your systems to a clean, uninfected copy.

Please let us know if we missed an online backup service and you’d like to see it reviewed and included above. There’s also a business plan for small and large companies that supports 1 TB of space for anywhere from two to an unlimited number of users. MiMedia has four backup plans, but they’re severely limited in what you can back up.

The differences between cloud storage, cloud syncing, and cloud backups

Since you can’t add more than one device per plan, each device you want to back up requires a plan of its own. Backing up with this software is great if you only need to store things like your photos and music. For support for a wider range of file types, we suggest using a different service from this list. There’s also a business plan that can support up to 50 users and that can be expanded beyond 500 GB. You can order from the U.S. and will be charged in USD when paying in PayPal. However, if you pay via a major credit card, the currency depends on the card’s standard.

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Become an MSP partner and start offering NovaBACKUP, designed specifically for managed service providers, providing maximum flexibility in how you offer local and cloud backup services. The reliance cloud storage services have on browser-based web interfaces often means that encryption is handled server-side, which is considered much weaker in terms of security. First, you should copy your important files or your entire computer to an external hard drive, making what’s called a local backup. An online backup service (sometimes called “cloud backup”) offers the security of off-site storage for your most essential files. Think of your cloud backup as extra insurance in case something happens to your main backups. Over the years of testing for this guide, we’ve seen files get corrupted in online and local backups, but rarely in both places.

HPE Backup and Recovery Service

Sometimes companies must keep their data backups for several years, which eats into available hard drive space. Therefore, they turn to MSPs to store their backups and free up space on their networks. Instead, we recommend using the rule where data is backed up using three different methods.

Most programs support the creation of image backups, with which you can easily restore your system and its settings. In this article, we’ll help you determine which option is the best for you and what you should pay attention to. You can copy all of your data to a public cloud storage service and back it up.


The rise of remote work as the new norm for many companies has led to rapid changes for IT professionals in charge of data backup. Unitrends offers its Rapid Return service for DR. It copies the most recent backup data to a physical Recovery Series appliance or NAS device and ships it overnight back to the customer. Rubrik supports on-premises virtual environments, including VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix and AHV, as well as NAS appliances and Pure Storage FlashArray.

cloud backup services providers