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We are

an Originals Studio, Multimedia Network, Community, Magazine, and Brand Studio helmed by media & entertainment industry OGs who embraced blockchain technologies in 2019. The OnChain Media+Entertainment Originals Studio and Brand Studio produce, package, distribute, and market meaningful and entertaining original premium IP for our own library, and for organizations and brands we respect. We create multimedia storytelling, products and services for, and with the most creative brands and people in the world. It’s a big statement and it’s happening. Right now.

We know

how to identify and harness the power of talent, acquire audiences and engage them to keep the conversations going using current and new decentralized technologies for good. OCM+E products and services leverage and deploy the power of smart contracts with decentralized IP distribution, all powered by premium original engaging content.

Why + How

It’s time. Right now emerging Web3 technologies can benefit both the creator and the audience simultaneously via smart contracts ensuring provenance and royalty streams. We proudly are the custodian of important works and relationships for which we build value and create additional revenue streams.

We believe

strongly in the power and the value of creative and financial sovereignty via smart contract technology and the provenance and legacy blockchains ensure. We also know — and respect — the power of community. We work closely with partners to create multimedia programming, products and services for women to benefit themselves, their families and communities while supporting organizations that benefit women’s causes, public parks, and education for girls.

Our Founder

Ceslie Armstrong is an award-winning media and entertainment executive; producer, writer, advisor, curator, and collaborator. She has packaged and produced programming for major networks, digital platforms, venues, and universities featuring celebrities, experts, authors, artists, and icons. Armstrong has produced Grammy award-winning artists; top celebrities, and influential icons globally.

Armstrong has deep experience in subscriber-based recurring revenue models; audience and content acquisition; and, impact investing advisement. Her career includes corporate and entrepreneurial leadership to strategically interface brands, publishers, and organizations into positions of increased consumer recognition, value, revenue and growth using processes that adapt to changing and emerging technologies to connect with audiences and build strong relationships.

She is a pioneer in early internet-based compression technologies, streaming, and digital distribution, in 2019, she became an early adopter of blockchain and smart contract technologies and advised various organizations, brands, and creators on “Web3.” (edited)

For media credits, recognition, philanthropy, and more go to ceslie.com.

“Creativity, patience, kindness, humor, loyalty, intensity, and humor describe our culture and vibe. Our operating style is nimble and measured with a constant underpinning of creativity and urgency. We think collaboration is a form of high art and we love it.” – Founder & CEO, Ceslie Armstrong

Some numbers that matter:


Women direct 83% of all consumption in the United States, in buying power and influence.


Women who work year round in full-time jobs in the U.S. were paid just 83 cents on the dollar compared with men.


Percentage of women who comprise the leadership, partners and community of OnChain Media+Entertainment.

OnChain Media+Entertainment is harnessing the power of women > For Everyone.

Life. OnChain.

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Sources: Morgan Stanley via Catalyst and The Institute for Women’s Policy Research report