Extensive experience in developing digital education solutions as the need for digital education increases. Benefit from the skills and experience of a world-class firm; quick commencement on projects; faster turn-around on project completion with a dedicated development team. Numbers vary, but the average outsourced software developer rate is two to three times lower than the rate of dedicated software development in the USA, EU, or Israel.

dedicated development company

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of talents you may need for your project. Solution architects, DevOps engineers, and other specialists are hired individually based on your project requirements. In addition, you can ramp your team up or down on demand without extra paperwork.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team Model and When You Should Consider One?

It may include the type of solution you need , the problem that this solution should solve, and the timeline. So you need to choose the one that offers convenient working conditions in terms of availability and response time. Agree with your prospective vendor about the minimal overlap period.

dedicated development company

You’ll learn how this model works, when you may need it, and what benefits it brings. For 15 years, hundreds of our pros have worked for thousands of clients on thousands of projects. Hire a dedicated development team and save from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars annually. A dedicated development team has a PM responsible for the entire communication process. You can get in touch with the PM at any time to know who on the team is working on a specific feature or whether a bug has been fixed.

How to Hire Remote Software Developers Effectively?

Companies hire dedicated front-end developers if they want to get experts who code and test the elements and functionality of the user interface—the “visible” part of the product. I should say that a dedicated team is a really convenient outsourcing model. We successfully implemented some large projects with the help of such specialists and were happy with the results. If you decide to hire dedicated developers, you get access to unique IT expertise that you could hardly find by yourself. It’s inappropriate to compare in-house and dedicated team models; you should always make a choice judging by your needs and opportunities.

  • Hire our DevOps specialists to efficiently build, test, and maintain tech infrastructure.
  • An experienced vendor can help you build a suitable team with all the necessary experts.
  • Dedicated Development Centers are most effective when they cater to larger projects that require many people and a long time to complete.
  • So, we do our best to ensure the robust performance of our dedicated developers.

It’s especially important for projects that imply many changes along the way. A dedicated team is a good choice for long-term projects, complex projects with vague requirements, specific niche products, and promising startups. This article provides a detailed look at a popular IT outsourcing model — the dedicated development team.

When should you hire a dedicated team?

The dedicated software team hiring model is a great way to test the flexibility of outsourcing. 750+ full-time professionals on board, including certified IT consultants, technical architects, developers and QA specialists, support engineers, account managers, PMs and business analysts. For projects involving 10+ developers, we recommend to divide a large team into several smaller ones and assign a team lead for each group of 5–7 experts.

dedicated development company

By hiring an outsourcing team of specialists, you can manage them at will. If the company wants to expand the outsourcing team, just let the contractor know. The QA specialists are tasked with bringing the projects to the market task without any tech problems. QAs need to check the application for errors and bugs at each step of the software development road. These software development specialists are front-end and back-end programmers.

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I would strongly recommend Belitsoft’s services to anyone wanting to get the right IT products in the right place at the right time. Wherever our clients are located, we make our schedule with at least several hours of time overlap. When you require closer collaboration, our dedicated teams adjust their working hours bound to your schedule. Before hiring a dedicated team, it’s important to agree on the responsibility distribution. Clearly understand the development process and determine in advance who will be responsible for each task to avoid conflicts during critical moments of the project. While your business enlarges, it demands more dedicated developers.